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Talks Library

Talor Browne – Mapping Machine & Curve

Hannah Davies

All Roaster Camp 'coffeetalks' - by speakers such as Richard Graveling, Talor Browne and Morten Münchow - were curated by our production partner Tamper Tantrum. We'll be releasing the videos of these talks over the next months so we keep fuelling discussion and building an inventory of knowledge. Don't hesitate to share your comments, thoughts or any additional reading links.

The second talk library release from Roaster Camp 2016 comes from Oslo-based Talor Browne. In her talk, Talor presents to the audience her findings from a large-scale experiment using one coffee, six roasts, four roasters, 24 profiles, 95 participants, and 2300 hand-packed samples. Her aim – to identify the nuances between a range of machines and dispell myths surrounding certain manufacturers so that she could make an informed decision regarding which roaster to buy for her new roastery. Her presentation at the first ever RGE Camp last year outlines the method, hypothesis, and results of the one week experiment – ending with a cupping of all 24 samples and live results from the attendees at RGE Camp!

Talor Browne is a roaster, barista, writer, Q grader and pastry chef. Founder of Talor&Jørgen and Fryd, she is originally from Australia but currently living in Oslo.