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Panel Discussion – Trading Models And Certifications

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Panel Discussion – Trading Models And Certifications

Hannah Davies

All Roaster Camp 'coffeetalks' - by speakers such as Richard Graveling, Talor Browne and Morten Münchow - were curated by our production partner Tamper Tantrum. We'll be releasing the videos of these talks over the next months so we keep fuelling discussion and building an inventory of knowledge. Don't hesitate to share your comments, thoughts or any additional reading links.

The third panel in our releases from the first ever Roaster Camp in 2016 sees Sara Morrocchi (Vuna Origin Consulting), Eva Gefvert Nordell (Are Kafferosteri), and Joanna Alm (Drop Coffee Roasters) share their experiences with a range of trading models and certifications. Panel moderator, Stephen Leighton, introduces the topic with an overview of popular trading models including Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz and 4 C Common Code. This panel offers an interesting perspective on common myths surrounding certifications as well as delving deep into a range of trading models – linking well with our last panel on Green Buying Ethics. 

Watch the panel below and check out the program for the upcoming Roaster Camp in 2017 here!