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Hands-on education

Roaster Camp offers a cutting-edge education program to roasters at all levels in their professional development, including hands-on roasting workshops, sensory science and cuppings, handy business tools, group seminars and skill-testing challenges. The content encompasses roasting, green coffee and sensory, as well as business development topics, all geared towards enhancing growth as a roasting professional. Our partners support the sharing of knowledge by providing tools and equipment to practice on and make this hands-on experience possible.

Lead through empowerment, innovation and best practice

RGE will focus on empowering and engaging the roasting community. We believe that the essential role roasters play in the coffee supply chain from producer to retailer should be cherished and supported. By offering a space for roasters to grow and learn in a structured environment we are strengthening that connection and contributing to long-term sustainability within the industry. Roaster Camp presents a place to share the latest innovation in equipment and roasting technology, as well as to discuss best practices and roasting standards. Your Roaster Camp support shows your leadership position and commitment to adding value to the roasting community of Europe.

Connect and forge a strong community

Our mission to build community will run as a strong thread through our activities. Attendees to Roaster Camp will come from a broad geographical area which will offer the opportunity to network with new peers and form stronger connections with the speciality roasting community across Europe. Your association with RGE gives you a unique opportunity to connect with a broad range of coffee professionals who are open to engagement, learning and progression. RGE is a vehicle you can use to gain access to these influencers, their opinions and purchasing decisions.

Download our Partnership Brochure!

Download our Partnership Brochure!

Interested to get involved?
We've got some great opportunities lined up for you, whether you're a roasting machine manufacturers, make brewing equipment or qc tools, import green coffee, or simply want to support a growing community of professional roasters.
Download our Partnership Brochure and get in touch to discuss opportunities!