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It's great that you are excited about what we do and want to become a member!

Our aim is to develop the specialty roasting profession, through designing events and opportunities that focus on high-quality education and building connections within the industry. As a trade guild, we are determined to create these opportunities for every individual that roasts coffee as a profession, regardless of location or whether you are a member of any association. We create open and inclusive environments for roasting professionals to meet, connect, and grow.

We are a trade guild of Specialty Coffee Association, created to fill the current gap of an organisation dedicated to roasting professionals in Europe. We believe that each member should have a vote, and by offering a joint membership rather than a separate one, we are able to make your voice as a roaster—individually as well as collectively—much stronger. This gives us a much better position to help create benefits that matter to you, to help grow the roasting profession, and ultimately make a difference in the whole coffee value chain.  

We are governed by a group of volunteers (the working group) who represent the voice of the roasting community, and helps determine the direction for our guild to take. If you have ideas or are looking for ways to contribute, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Benefits include:

  • Welcome Pack & Certificate of Membership
  • Complete access to digital magazine; 1-year complimentary subscription to print magazine and 50% off cover price for renewal
  • Subscription to monthly SCA and Guild newsletters
  • Access to cutting-edge research
  • Member access to our events, including Expo and World of Coffee, Roasters Guild Retreat, Roasters Camp, and Sensory Summit
  • Member pricing on education certification fees
  • Member pricing on all purchases at the online shop
  • Member pricing on all Origin Trips
  • Access to other industry-leading publications
  • Eligibility to compete in National and International competitions at member pricing
  • Eligibility to vote in Board, National Chapter and Guild elections
  • Eligibility to join Advisory Councils, Executive Councils, and Working Groups
  • Exclusive access to our online ‘members-only’ section on the website

Ready to join?

We'd love to welcome you into the Roaster Guild of Europe! The RGE offers individual memberships for coffee roasting professionals through the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). As an Individual Roaster member of the SCA, you will become a part of the Roasters Guild of Europe. Please review the following pricing information and read more about how to join via the link below:


€190 annual membership dues