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Education at Roaster Camp

Hannah Davies

The Roaster Camp program is shaping up to be a jam-packed 3 days of roasting, tasting, talking and learning! Attendees to Roaster Camp will have the chance to choose from a variety of classes during the morning program and in the afternoon everyone will regroup for lectures, presentations and group tastings. Green Coffee Partners will be showcasing their coffee throughout the event at scheduled cuppings and Camp will bring out a competitive side in attendees with a team roasting challenge set to test knowledge, skills and experience. 

Brand new for 2017! 

Take the SCA Foundation Roasting class as part of the new SCA Coffee Skills Program on day one of Roaster Camp. Morten Münchow (SCA Creators Member) and Filip Akerblom will lead the one-day foundation level class. Additional charges apply – book here now before spaces are gone!

Meet Your Camp Trainers

The education program at Roaster Camp which is curated by the Roaster Guild of Europe Working Group is a completely unique selection of classes aimed at providing a broad range of knowledge, skills and resources. The Working Group have the opportunity to invite class trainers who are specialised in their area to lead workshops, classes and discussions. Roaster Camp is a rare opportunity for attendees to come in to contact with these industry professionals through lessons and networking. 

Here are the trainers for Roaster Camp 2017!

Welcome to Roaster Guild of Europe

Hannah Davies

If you’re reading this then it’s likely the first time you’ve headed over to the brand new Roaster Guild of Europe website, so welcome!

The Roaster Guild of Europe working group met for the first time in Frankfurt, September 2015 to put their heads together and create the beginnings of a new SCAE trade guild for roasters. Eight months on and we’re ready to launch with news of the inaugural Roaster Camp which will take place this October 6-8 in Pärnu, Estonia. The camp program will span a full three days with workshops, seminars, challenges and group discussions. 

Tickets for camp will be launched at World of Coffee, Dublin where you come and meet with the working group, relax and catch up over a coffee. 

In the meantime, you can sign up to the RGE mailing list to keep informed of our upcoming plans and progress and follow our social media channels to join in the RGE online community.