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Trierside Chat

Hannah Davies

Our counterparts at SCAA have reached out to us at Roaster Guild of Europe to join one of their regular Trierside Chats. These online meetings play host to a series of mini presentations on a particular topic before opening up to the listening audience for questions and input. 

You can listen again on a previous chat regarding Regional Roasters Groups for an idea of what to expect this Wednesday evening.

Join us for the next Trierside Chat on September 28, 2016, at 11pm CEST as we discuss what the SCAA/SCAE Unification means for the Roasters Guild and its members moving forward. Stream the conversation at and join the conversation by asking questions on Twitter by tagging #RoastersGuild.

Panelists for this Trierside Chat will be Roasters Guild Executive Council chair Mary Tellie, Vice Chair of the Communications Committee Andi Trindle-Mersch, and Communications Committee Member Adrienne Blasky, as well as Sonja Grant of the Roaster Guild of Europe Working Group, and SCAE's Guild Manager Isa Verschraegen and Guild Coordinator Hannah Davies, and SCAA's Director of Professional Development and Director of Special Projects on Unification Ellie Hudson.

We hope you'll tune in live and participate by asking questions – we want to hear from you! If you can't make the late schedule then we're happy to take questions prior to the meeting. Send them through to us at

CoffeeMind – Business Model Survey

Hannah Davies

Roaster Guild of Europe working group member Morten Münchow is driving research on the business models used within specialty coffee roasting businesses. By gathering a broad range of data from roasters worldwide Morten, along with Copenhagen Business School and Speciality Coffee Association of Europe will gain an insight into the standard practices and models used. The study will aim to be transparent – a report from the study will be made available, and there will be the opportunity for you to see the research presented by Morten the inaugural Roaster Camp in October 2016.

The idea behind the survey is Morten's – "As a teacher and consultant over the years I have developed a keen eye for the blind spots on the business areas of startup roasteries so I wanted to get some numbers on how roasteries organise themselves to get lean and successful. Often people want to do it all. But they shouldn’t! It is way better to narrow down your business to a narrow customer segment and build their organisation according to the needs of this segment. We hope from the data to be able to provide the community with a picture of best practices when it comes to narrowing down the business model they want to design for themselves. Additionally, clustering the different coffee roasting businesses into categories that can inspire upcoming roasters to choose one scenario and not others that might save them some expensive trial and error iterations or perhaps even early failure!"

To take part in the study, all you need to do is fill out a 10-minute survey based on the business practices in place at your roastery. In return for your efforts, you will receive a complimentary copy of Morten's upcoming ebook on SCAE Roasting Foundation that will be released early July 2016. 

Don't miss out on contributing to another interesting research project from the inquisitive folk at CoffeeMind.  

Welcome to Roaster Guild of Europe

Hannah Davies

If you’re reading this then it’s likely the first time you’ve headed over to the brand new Roaster Guild of Europe website, so welcome!

The Roaster Guild of Europe working group met for the first time in Frankfurt, September 2015 to put their heads together and create the beginnings of a new SCAE trade guild for roasters. Eight months on and we’re ready to launch with news of the inaugural Roaster Camp which will take place this October 6-8 in Pärnu, Estonia. The camp program will span a full three days with workshops, seminars, challenges and group discussions. 

Tickets for camp will be launched at World of Coffee, Dublin where you come and meet with the working group, relax and catch up over a coffee. 

In the meantime, you can sign up to the RGE mailing list to keep informed of our upcoming plans and progress and follow our social media channels to join in the RGE online community.