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Roaster Camp – Highlights




Roaster Camp – Highlights

Hannah Davies

If you've had the chance to glance over the program for Roaster Camp, you may have felt a little overwhelmed by all of the incredible items in store over three days. We've packed in a host of informative and useful classes, inspiring talks & tastings and the chance to connect through evening socials. To make the whole thing a little easier to digest we've compiled a run-down of the highlights at the inaugural Roaster Camp – if you haven't got a ticket, yet then you can register here now. 

Hands-on Roasting Experience on a Variety of Roasting Machines

Each day at Camp there is a class focussed on encouraging attendees to have hands-on experience with a range of roasting machines. Guided by knowledgeable trainers, this is your chance to broaden your understanding of how to operate alternative models. 

Meet the Creators and Trainers of the SCAE CDS Roasting Module

Several of the Roaster Camp trainers are highly qualified ASTs and have ample knowledge of the CDS Roasting Module – the classes at Camp are bitesize chunks of what you would expect to find on the CDS course. 

Connect with Roasters on an International Level

This is the very first Roaster Guild of Europe event and a special opportunity for Roasters to come together to learn, share and connect with one another. 

Take Unique Classes

Each class at Camp has been tailored especially to meet the needs of a range of attendees from 'Sample Roasting' with Morten Münchow to 'How to Win a Roasting Championship' with Joanna Alm there is something for all levels of experience.

Enjoy Pärnu and the Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa

The venue for Roaster Camp 2016 is in a beautiful setting on the cost of Pärnu – it is a modern hotel with excellent facilities and a top notch chef!

Join in Yoga or a 5k Run

One for the gym bunnies – participate in our early morning exercise groups to connect with like-minded folk and wake up your mind and bodies for class!

Team Challenges

The team challenges have been created to unite attendees and test your skills. Think Blind Cupping, Speedy Protocols and Sack Races ;)

Exposure to New Research

Morten Münchow will be presenting results from a recent project in collaboration with CoffeeMind and SCAE aimed at analysing Business Models used in Roastery Businesses. Talor Browne will also be presenting data collected from her Roasting Machine project alongside a large cupping. All of the program can be found in detail here.

Meet Potential Green Coffee Suppliers

RGE has support from a broad range of international green coffee suppliers – this is your chance to sample their coffee at your leisure. See here for the full Roaster Camp Partner list. 

Be a Part of Roaster Guild of Europe

Now is a very exciting time for SCAE, SCAA and the Roaster Guilds. As we plan how the Guilds will look following the positive unification vote, there are plenty of opportunities for you to input into the future of this growing community. Be sure to talk to us or any of the RGE Working Group at Roaster Camp if you would like to get involved.