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About Us

At the first working group meeting in Frankfurt, Sept 2015.

At the first working group meeting in Frankfurt, Sept 2015.

Roaster Guild of Europe (RGE) is a trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) dedicated to develop the specialty roasting profession through education, connectivity, and leadership. Through events and online platforms, it aims to build a quality-focused roaster community that promotes and shares roasting expertise and professional education as well as inspires and engages with the wider specialty coffee community. 

RGE is the fourth guild —after Barista Guild of Europe (BGE)— that is founded as part of SCA, and is led by an international workgroup of coffee professionals. Launching in Dublin at World of Coffee in June, RGE presented its inaugural European Roaster Camp in Estonia, 6—8 October 2016.


Working Group Structure 

The RGE Working Group has defined the following committees within the group in order to provide some structure to the planning of events, setting standards, building resources and communicating to members:

  • Membership & Community
  • Education
  • Events
  • Unification & Diversity

With an appointed Chair and Vice-chair the WG has also assigned members to each of the committees – these committee members will be responsible for driving plans and utilising the energy and ability of volunteers within the wider community to deliver on projects. 

The roles within the group have been assigned as follows.

RGE Chair – Sonja Grant

RGE Vice-chair – Morten Münchow

Membership & Community – Lisa Lawson

Education – Morten Münchow & Filip Bartelak

Events – Filip Åkerblom & Michael de Renouard

Unification & Diversity – Konrad Oleksak & Joanna Alm

2017 Plans

The RGE working group has some exciting new projects in store for you in 2017:

  • Creating useful roaster resources including a Harvest Poster
  • Developing a template and support to run a National Roasting Competition
  • Setting standards and building educational resources 
  • Building an online community through 'Ask the Expert' sessions 

In addition to the second annual Roaster Camp, 2017 is set to be a positive and action-packed year!

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